Saturday, June 3, 2017

Random Things #6: In Which I Become a Hipster

On my recent vacation I asked for coffee with breakfast and the server brought back a cute little teapot, cream, and sugar. I didn't have the heart to tell him that he had misheard. So I drank the tea even though the last time I tried it several years ago I couldn't stand it.

It was surprisingly good, which was exciting because I had been wishing that I liked tea because 1) it is very British, 2) it has caffeine in it, which puts me in a very good mood, and 3) it fits with all those gorgeous Pinterest aesthetic posts--the ones with vintage china, steaming tea, and an attractive person on a window seat. With rain pattering against the window, of course.

Ah yes, and writing. And glasses.

No person in this one (or window seat, for that matter),
but you know what I mean.

So a couple days ago I ran by the store and purchased a cute little thermos, along with a 20-pack of chai tea bags...

SO GOOD. Guys, tea makes me feel alive. Ah, it's so warm and aromatic and calming and stimulating and it just makes me happy. It just needs a lot of Splenda and warm milk, which we have plenty of so YAY.

The other thing that makes me feel like a hipster, or whatever part of the population posts tea aesthetics on Pinterest, is that I just acquired a laptop. (I say acquired instead of bought because my grandparents generously funded it as a graduation gift--thank you!)

It's an HP, and not the most fancy but it works splendidly and the screen is huge and the keyboard is SO satisfying to write on. The clackity clack sound is music to my ears. And now I have the utterly new experience of being able to write no matter where I am--on the couch, in bed...well, that's the extent of where I've taken it so far. But just imagine all the trendy photos I could potentially take if I wasn't so busy looking up Twenty One Pilots concert videos (ssh):

Oh yeah, also I've been listening to Twenty One Pilots a lot more, so does that make me a hipster, or a punk, or just plain weird?


Anyway, this is all a fluffy way of saying I've been having an identity crisis lately. I like a lot of things simply because other people whom I respect like them. Now and then someone will recommend something to me that I can't stand, but most things I grow to like. For example,  "Stressed Out" wasn't my favorite when I first listened to it, and now I'm listening to Twenty One Pilots for what is probably an unhealthy amount of time. Mostly because of all the positive things I've heard/read about them.

Anyone else have this problem? It's hard to tell who you are when you are so influenced by other people. I can't tell what's there under all the influences, which makes me feel lost. And I'm at that stage in life where I still don't know who I want to be, much less who I'm going to be, and I feel like I'm letting other people influence me way too much.

Let's conclude with a Switchfoot gif to end things on a happy note:

What's the most "hipster" thing you've ever done? Any existential struggles lately?


  1. I'm so glad you've rediscovered the glory of tea! :D <3

    1. Thanks, it is an amazing substance. :)

  2. Mmmmmm. I wish I loved tea. When you describe it, it does sound delicious. (Okay, I DO love tea. I just... don't drink it very often??? I don't know why???)

    Ooooh! Your own laptop??!?!? I'm jealous. :D

    You are indeed becoming rather Hipster my friend. It's a nice aesthetic, though, don't you think???

    1. You should start drinking tea more! It is so relaxing...and British ;D

      Thanks! It's fun to type on, although our family computer is much faster. May you have your own laptop, in time. :)

      True, it is a nice aesthetic. Very calming.


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