Thursday, June 8, 2017

Underrated Books: A Splendiferous Guest Post by Meredith

My lovely friend Meredith graciously agreed to write a guest post. I made some very excited squee-ing noises and hand gestures over this and then I somehow forgot about it until a few months later when I realized I still hadn't posted it. *cough*

My sincere apologies, Meredith. I am sure your writing has only matured with age. 



Hello to Art3mis's readers! :) 

Art3mis has graciously invited me to write a post here, so I decided to talk about my favorite underrated books and series. Here goes. :) 

The Mysterious Benedict Society 
     Trenton Lee Stewart

Despite being targeted at a slightly younger audience, I love these books. They're fun and well-paced and I was rather obsessed as a tween. ^.^

The Wingfeather Saga
   Andrew Peterson

Read it. I can't say I love this series quite as much as some of my friends, but it's good on so many levels that it's hard to not at least like it. It balances the right level of humor with darkness and traditional fantasy elements with obscurity. Plus the characters are lovable and the plot twists kept me on my toes. Wow, I forgot how good these books were. ^.^

Chronicles of Prydain
   Lloyd Alexander

This is like a simpler, more compact Lord of the Rings. It has the epic characters, plots, and settings, but in a smaller package. 

The Witch of Blackbird Pond
   Elizabeth George Speare 

This one isn't as fantastic or dazzling as the others on my list, but the characters are good, and the romance is pretty adorable. It's set in colonial New England, which seems to be a rather neglected spot for historical fiction, so that's interesting. 

Mara Daughter of the Nile
   Eloise Jarvis McGraw

Here is one of the perfect-est books I've ever read. It's good on almost every level- and educational too, set in Ancient Egypt and all. But it's one of those historical fiction novels you don't read because it's educational, but because it's just a really good story. 

So there are some of my favorites, what would you add? 



Thank you so much, Meredith! You have excellent literary taste.  ;) 

Now I've got to go read a book, or maybe two or three...

Or four, because I need to read the Wingfeather Saga now.   ;)


  1. Thank you so much for featuring me!! :D Ahhh, I love all the pretty book covers and gifs.

    (haha, I'm sure it has matured greatly) ;)


    1. Thank you so much for writing this! I love hosting guest posts.

      I WILL. :D I reserved the first book at the library so summer reading will soon ensue.


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