Tuesday, June 13, 2017

10 Stages of Being Obsessed With a Band (Told in Twenty One Pilots Gifs)

1. Indifference

You hear one of their songs, and you're not sure what to think. "Meh," you decide, and go back to your comforting piano Pandora station.

You also have a good time making fun of your friend who is currently obsessed with them.

(You give your friend a noncommittal thumbs up, and then laugh at him/her.)

2. Grudging approval

One day the same song somehow shows up on your Pandora or Spotify, and you are bored so you click on it and you realize that you may, in fact, like this group.

Kind of a lot.

Which means you can't make fun of your friend anymore, so you feel betrayed by your musical preferences.

3. The Secret Binge

Whether through YouTube, Spotify, or the good old-fashioned library, you listen privately to every single song. You also watch concert recordings and acoustic performances, both of which may or may not make you cry from the beauty. (You need to watch these videos in order to check whether they are using autotune or not, and whether they get into the music. And how weird their fans are.)

Bonus points for dancing along like an ecstatic velociraptor.

4. The Not-So-Secret Binge

You give up on secrecy and download every album on iTunes, then spend the rest of your waking moments making your parents and/or friends watch the videos. (The acoustic ones, of course, because the music videos are too weird and the concert ones are too high-energy.)

After the initial I-told-you-so moment, you also bond with your friend who introduced you to them in the first place.

Bonus points for sharing inside lyric references and secret handshakes with said friend.

5. The Buying Spree

You buy band paraphernalia so you can hopefully meet people who like the same band. All you get are weird looks, but you feel very cool.

6. Stalking

You put your iTunes albums on shuffle and look up your band on Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and (when you're really desperate) the YouTube comment sections.

You smile and laugh at the cute posts and pretend that the posts you disagree with do not exist.

You find things like this.
And this.

7. Stunned Realization

You notice that the songs are constantly playing in your head, and that whenever someone unwittingly says a word that is in one of the band's many songs, you mentally finish the rest of the line.

Real-life example:

Family friend: "Could you put that in the kitchen sink please?"

My brain: "I'm a kitchen sink. You don't know what that means. Because a kitchen sink to you is not a kitchen sink to me, okay friend?"


8. Fading

You still listen to this band, but you start going back to groups that are your old favorites because you feel your interest in the music slowly sliding backwards. It is a terrible nausea-inducing feeling.

9. The Last Goodbye

Gradually this band has only become another fixture on your playlist. You say a tearful goodbye, grateful for all that this band has taught you.

10. Moving on

One day you hear a song that connects with you almost like the songs from your old favorite band ...and you're back to Step 1.

This was a lot of fun to make. :D Have you gone through this experience? Would you add any steps?


  1. I have to know why there is ranch dressing in that first gif. There must be a story. :P

    Woah, what sort of paraphernelia did you buy? That makes you pretty cool in my book.

    That last gif YES. :D

    Hmmm, I think I have gone through a similar experience... But not just with bands...also with musicals or even movies or superheroes. *coughLesMiscoughandSpiderMancough*

    1. I hadn't even noticed the Ranch dressing! Good eye. I'll have to search YouTube for that video now and see what's up. xD

      I got two t-shirts from Hot Topic (they were having a sale, which made me feel a little better about getting them for myself hehe). One has the lyrics from "Ride" on it: "Pieces of peace in the sun's peace of mind." The other is based off of "Goner," and it has white birds all over it with one red bird and at the bottom it says in red, "Don't let me be gone." They are now my favorite shirts because they are interesting and super comfortable. Aww, thanks. :D

      Haha I can definitely see how some of these steps can apply to a lot of other things. And you reminded me--Spiderman: Homecoming is coming out soon! AAAAAAH!

  2. So true. If it comforts you any, I just became obsessed with TOP as well. Angsty, but good. :) Also aren't they adorable??? I'm so glad they have each other... I think they would be lonely and misunderstood otherwise. ;)


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