Sunday, July 30, 2017

7 Favorite Songs Tag

MJ Watson (who has elected to make her blog private now) has tagged me to describe seven of my favorite songs, specifically my feelings and thoughts while listening to them, and why I like them.

So without further ado...cue the depressing lyrics!

1. My Shot (Clean Edit), Hamilton Original Broadway Cast

This one pumps me up whenever I'm feeling purposeless or lazy or just tired. It's also perfect because the runtime is exactly how long it takes for me to drive from my house to my church. #noregretsincludingcheesyhashtags

It talks about fighting against seemingly impossible odds:

"Rise up. When you're living on your knees, you rise up."

It then ends with Hamilton's decision to not view life as an experience, but as an opportunity:

"Ask anybody why we livin' fast and we laugh, reach for a flask--
We have to make this moment last, that's plenty...
Scratch that. This is not a moment, it's a movement
Where all the hungriest brothers with something to prove went"

The fast raps are super satisfying to sing along with now that I have the lyrics memorized. And the song reminds me of the real-life Alexander Hamilton, whom I feel like I know personally since reading the enormous biography that the play is based on. Seriously, guys, I got really emotional at the part when he died.

2. Drown, Tyler Joseph

You knew I couldn't go long without mentioning twenty one pilots in any form. This is from Tyler's album No Phun Intended, which he made when he was 17. The recordings aren't that great, but considering his age and his limited equipment it's an impressive album. It can only be found on YouTube, by the way.

But now for this song in particular. In dark moments it makes me feel less alone, and the lyrics are addressed to God so they help me to pray when I can't form the words myself.

"I wanna be a lot of things, so much pent up inside of me
I wanna be stronger, too long I've sat here undecidedly...
...And I'm back in front of you, Lord, with blood on the floor
Is the blood mine or yours? Don't wanna do this anymore,
Back and forth between being me and who you call me to be..."

3. Where the Light Shines Through, Switchfoot

Somehow Switchfoot reaches me more than a lot of other Christian bands. They have the same Christian genre formula that I usually dislike--talk about a problem in verse 1 and then resolve the problem by the chorus--but the way they do it feels more genuine than the other artists I've heard try this.

Unlike Tyler's music, which is usually just about the negative aspects of life, this song starts with the negative and goes to the positive--yes, there is a wound, but that's "where the light shines through."

"Yeah the only tattoos I have are scars,
I've got your name written on my heart"

4. Everything, Passenger

Passenger's music feels like running through a faraway forest and then jumping in the ocean on a deserted beach. For some reason it feels nostalgic to me, even though I only discovered his stuff recently.

This song is no exception, and the lyrics are a poignant and oft-needed reminder that it's impossible to be fulfilled in life without loving without counting the cost, and letting your heart be broken.

"They'll take your spark, they'll take everything
But nothing's ever something until you lose everything"

5. You Will Be Found, Dear Evan Hansen Original Broadway Cast

I love listening to Ben Platt's voice, and the gorgeous harmonies when the entire casts comes in on the chorus. It's pretty self-explanatory that this is another song for dark moments.

"Maybe there's a reason to believe you'll be ok."

6. Sailboat, Ben Rector

Another song for getting frustration out. Ben Rector's voice is beautiful too (what is it with Bens in the music industry??) and the lyrics are about loneliness and loss of direction, but they're also infused with hope and a feeling of freedom.

"I feel just like a sailboat
I don't know where I'm headed
But you can't make the wind blow
From a sailboat"

7. Little Wonders, Rob Thomas

This is the song that plays through the ending montage of Meet the Robinsons, which for many reasons is my favorite Disney movie and has influenced me deeply. Rob Thomas' raw vocals, mixed with the thoughtful lyrics, are the perfect combination and they encourage me to keep moving and enjoy little moments in life.

"Let it go, let it roll right off your shoulders
Don't you know, the hardest part is over...
...All falls away, but these small hours,
These little wonders
Still remain"

I'll be lazy and tag whoever feels like taking this tag. There are no rules--put in as many Jack Sparrow gifs as you want for all I care...

...but if you don't feel like doing the whole thing, what is your #1 favorite song, and why?


  1. My Shot is the best for motivational purposes. ^.^ Pretty much all of Hamilton is actually.

    DROWN IS SO BEAUTIFUL. It's one of the best contemporary "Christian" songs I've ever heard and that it was written by a seventeen year-old blows my mind. In my limited experience, a lot of Christian songs are formulaic(/unoriginal) and shallow but this one feels so honest and authentic and did I mention how beautiful it is? ;)

    Arrrgh I can't choose a single favorite song! One I really like(but that isn't a favorite) which you didn't mention is Go Hard by Lecrae. It's super catchy but also uncomfortably convicting...and another example of a quality Christian song.

    1. P. S. I love the quote of the month. :D

    2. "quote of the moment"-- sorry

      (I'll stop commenting now)

    3. I agree completely with your thoughts on "Drown." I listened to "Go Hard," and man, do I feel inadequate! xD It is definitely an uncomfortable song to listen to but that is totally a good thing.

      Thanks! Daredevil has so much sass, but is also strangely motivating at the same time. :D

      No, don't stop! I love hearing your feedback. :) And I just made it "quote of the moment" so I didn't have to worry about an updating deadline, haha.

    4. Wait, was that your first time to listen to Lecrae? If so, I also recommend Identity, All I Need Is You, Breathin' to Death, Truth, and Indwelling Sin(disclaimer: a lot of his songs-- especially that last one-- tackle some pretty heavy topics, but in an edifying way).

  2. I... did NOT know there were clean edits of Hamilton songs???? *rushes off to Spotify*


    1. There are indeed clean edits! :D Before you go frolicking off, though, there's a disclaimer on that--the official clean edits are not completely clean; they just edit out the language that makes them "explicit." Thus I'd still avoid the tracks "Aaron Burr, Sir," "Stay Alive," "Say No To This," "The Adams Administration," "We Know," "The Reynolds Pamphlet," and "Blow Us All Away." There's minor language in the remaining songs; those are just the primary offenders for both language and suggestive content.

      YES SWITCHFOOT IS THE BEST. ^_^ I'm so excited because today I was looking through the CDs at the local used bookstore and I found a Switchfoot album and...guess what...a Jon Foreman album!!! Same singer, different style. Both amazing.

    2. Ohhhhh, okay!! I will definitely keep that in mind...

      WHAT!!! I didn't know he had solo albums out!!


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