Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Random Things #7: Awesome Stuff of August

--getting a rental cello from college, naming it Dahlia in the parking lot, and taking a selfie with it and my own cello

--the sass in this song:

--a warm hug from a friend

--cookie dough flavored ice cream sandwiches 

--the sheer existence of Veggie Tales silly song covers on YouTube

--a new paisley backpack

--playing hymns for people who are singing along with reckless enthusiasm

--Relient K's lyrics

--fluffy blankets on a chilly day

--driving on an empty highway late at night, glancing at the sunset and breathing in the chill air through an open window while blasting music

--playing cello for my baby nephew who is adorable

--watching Ip Man with friends, wincing at the violent parts and cheering at the end

--those rogue stars that you can see even though the sky isn't quite dark yet

--a day with literally nothing scheduled

--glorious comic book artwork (looking at you, Hawkeye and Daredevil)

--the sheer amazing amount of amazing bloggers out there

--helping with a retreat for a bunch of crazy middle schoolers, one of whom packed a go-pro (?)

--the incredibly satisfying feeling of playing the deeper strings of the guitar after playing just ukulele for a long time

--realizing there are way more things to be grateful for than just these

What are you grateful for this August?


  1. Instrument selfies= the best selfies. xD Not that I've taken that many, but I can just imagine how much easier they would be than selfies with another person. Other people move, forget to smile, and complain about the way they look; instruments never do that. We should take more instrument selfies. (okay, I have no idea what I'm talking about) :P But seriously, that's so awesome you got a rental cello! Is it an upgrade from the other one?

    The sass in all of Adler Davidson's videos though. :D

    Aww, I love reckless enthusiasm.

    Oh speaking of comic books, did I tell you I started reading Daredevil? I'm actually still on the first volume but it's good! Superheroes are so awesome. xD

    Sounds like you've had a great August! Hmmm as for things to be grateful for in my August...my cat who had been missing for about a month came back, so that was happy...also bacon and chocolate. And books and blogging and YouTube.

    1. Good points about instrument selfies. They should become more of a thing. ;D The rental cello is definitely an upgrade from the other one. It sounds completely different--much richer, and a lot more like the human voice.

      Haha yeah, Adler has a lot of good videos. Have you seen the hot dog one where he parodies motivational quotes?

      I'm glad you're enjoying Daredevil. Yeah I don't know what it is about superheroes, but stories about them are so immersive!

      Oh no! A prodigal cat! Did you figure out how it escaped?

      And hear hear to all of the rest. :D

    2. So cool(about the cello)!

      Haha the hot dog one is good. I love his video about political opinions too.

      She always spent about half her time outside but she usually wouldn't leave for more than a few nights. When she was gone for a month we all kind of figured she had died. But I guess what they say about nine lives is true. ;D

  2. Ooo, hymns on cello are always great. Some day I'd like to pick up violin for the vibrations. I play mandolin (though moreso chords than melodies), and the mando is tuned the same as the violin. Going to cello would probably be tough. I also play guitar and uke, though the guitar I own is electric not acoustic.

    1. Good for you! The mandolin is the coolest looking instrument ever. Straight out of a medieval fantasy. Hey, I play guitar and uke too! By the way, I actually played the hymns on the piano because that's a better instrument for keeping people together, although I am sure the songs would sound better on the cello. ;D


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