Sunday, October 23, 2016

Random Things #4: Obsessions and Odd Stories

Here's an example of how this week has been going: 

Me: Hey Mom, I know Bluetooth isn't working in the car right now, but can I bring a  speaker to play music while we drive?
Mom: If by "music" you mean Hamilton, no. 
Me: Ok, never mind then. 

I think this past week was the first time that I was so obsessed with an album that the songs were constantly playing through my head. It actually got a little annoying but I'm still enamored with the musical. Here's a little background info:

Hamilton is a rap/hip-hop Broadway musical that describes the life of the founding father Alexander Hamilton. If you think it must be really weird, you're right. It is. But the lyrics are so compelling and the songs are so catchy that the weirdness fades away into awesomeness. (Ah, how eloquently phrased.)

CONTENT WARNING: The bad thing about the show is that it has an explicit rating because some of the songs have language (and some suggestive content), and even the clean version leaves in some of the content. So be careful which songs you listen to if you decide to look it up--"You'll Be Back" and "One Last Time" are a couple good ones to start with.

From "You'll Be Back," a breakup song
that King George III sings to the colonies

Aaaah, so bitter and inspirational at the same time.  :')

Now for NaNoWriMo: per the official site's instructions, I posted my book cover, a short description, and a truly careless excerpt that I wrote in about 5 minutes (How are we supposed to write excerpts if we aren't allowed to start our books yet?). Anyway, here's the cover:

I like how it turned out--in fact, once I designed it I opened the file a ton of times just to look at it. I hope I can make the book as exciting as my subtitle makes it sound.  xD


Dragon-worshipping pirates have lived off the townspeople of Parthan for as long as anyone can remember, until a bitter orphan joins forces with a dragon hunter in a desperate attempt to change everything.


When Estaran slid down the rope of the Tree for her first training session, no one was there. Way to go, Doranth. So much for being a benign mentor figure. Est didn’t want to go back inside and endure the stench of last night’s burnt dinner so she plopped onto the dewy grass and watched the sunrise.
The pastel sunlight began to shine through the trees and illuminate first Est’s feet, then her clasped hands, then her messily stitched bodice. For the first time in the last few days, Est relaxed. She could feel the sun’s warmth immerse her, and she closed her eyes, leaning back and spreading out her hair on the grass.
Breathing deeply as the chickadees chirped in the Tree, she decided that the life of an outlaw wasn’t so bad after all.
That is, until she found out what she was training for.
Odds are high that this scene will never be in the book, but there ya go!

Anyway, have a wonderful fall/winter (depending on where you live)!

Guess what musical this is from...

If you've discovered Hamilton already, what do you think of it? What's your favorite winter activity? (Mine is watching the snow fall in the light of a street lamp.)


  1. The excerpt from the book makes me want to read more!

    1. Aww, thanks! That gives me inspiration to keep working on it. :)

  2. Replies
    1. YES. We should do that again this winter. You can skate and I can watch the snow fall in the lamplight. xD

  3. sounds like u got inspiration from the hobbit

    1. Because it's a quest story? Or because of the dragons? :D

  4. Hi there! I've been following your blog for a while and realized that I haven't commented... 0_0

    I decided to comment here because of Hamilton. I had gotten into it a while ago but since the cast confronted Vice President Pence when he went to see the show, it's been a issue for me. I was just wondering what your parents think about that? Did they even hear about that? And, what do you think of it?

    Also, I think Lin tweeted something about donating or funding to Planned Parenthood and it's kind of made it worse. I'd just like to know where you stand because I really like Hamilton and I'd like to listen to it again without feeling guilty... Thanks and keep up with the song writing! It's really good! :D

    1. Hi! Nice to meet you, Fawnabelle. :) I like your blogs--wonderfully Tolkien-esque. And wonderfully Catholic. :D

      My parents did hear about the confrontation with Vice President Pence. They seemed to think it was interesting--that was the only vibe I got from them.

      I don't think they've heard about the Planned Parenthood thing, though. I think I did see something about it on Lin's feed, and I was disappointed.

      Neither of these events has deterred me from listening to Hamilton, however, since I made the decision a while back to separate art from the artist. For example, I listen to Ed Sheeran's music and I think a lot of his songs are beautiful, even though he parties hard and drinks a lot. I have Ian McKellan's autograph even though he is a proponent of gay rights (if you didn't know that, my apologies). There are many artists, whether songwriters or singers or actors or authors or moviemakers, who have issues in their personal lives. I don't think that should keep us from appreciating their artwork, however, if their artwork is beautiful and good. To paraphrase St. Paul, "We hold this treasure in earthen vessels." God creates beauty even through people who support organizations like Planned Parenthood.

      That said, though, it would be another issue entirely if, for example, Lin decided to donate a certain percentage of every purchase of the Hamilton soundtrack to Planned Parenthood. Then I think it would be immoral to buy or to recommend the soundtrack (I don't know about listening to it...) But thank goodness that hasn't happened yet!

      So yep, those are my thoughts on the issue. If you have any further thoughts or arguments about this though I would love to hear them. It's definitely not set in stone. You could always ask a priest too if you're still conflicted. They tend to have good advice. :)

      Thanks, I'm glad you like my music! It means a lot to get positive feedback.


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