Sunday, October 1, 2017

Random Things #8: Savory Scenes of September

-2Cellos' cover of "Now We Are Free" from Gladiator (and how cool they try to look in the music video)

-Sightreading an all-string arrangement of Linkin Park's "Numb" with a college string club and feeling like the Piano Guys

-Discovering that a girl who sits ahead of me in one of my music classes is super nice and from Russia (!!!)

-Peanut Butter Captain Crunch is surprisingly tasty

-Actually enjoying math class (???) because my math professor is so enthusiastic

-My math professor saying that the solutions of this one problem go from zero to infinity, and half the class adding "...and beyond!"

-Feeling satisfyingly exhausted from a full day of schoolwork

-Homemade pepperoni pizza

-Drinking a London Fog for the first time (Earl Grey with tons of sugar and milk, and some vanilla)

-The sudden transition between summer and fall which always triggers Halloween nostalgia

-So many new babies!!!

-The super intense conductor of the symphony orchestra actually praising my section

-Planning and executing Bilbo's Birthday Party (on the actual date!!!)

-Binging Stranger Things and being super excited for the next season which comes out in October

-Discovering an awesome Bible study on campus

-Having a completely random conversation with a couple of guys about religion, college, and video games

-Getting into the Newsies Broadway show and deciding that one of my dreams is to write a musical

-Having a twenty one pilots moment with a guy in my class

-Watching cheesy, completely not-PC 60's TV shows with my mom

-Incredibly satisfying twists in Agents of SHIELD

-The sense of progress that comes from going to school

-Discovering how amazing Goodreads really is

What were some of your September highlights?


  1. Ahh, this all sounds so awesome.

    Twenty One Pilots moments are the best moments. ;)

    Newsiesssss. The World Will Know used to be, like, my favorite song ever. xD

    Yay Goodreads!

    Hmmm, watching good tv shows with my sister and critiquing all the characters and all the decisions they make. Seeing snow on the forecast. Good podcasts. Hamilton, Lecrae, and getting back into La La Land. Learning a bunch about film criticism on YouTube.

    1. The World Will Know gets me so pumped up too! Something about teenage guys shouting in over-the-top New York accents is very motivating. xD

      Aaah, reading that list makes me happy. I'm glad your September was a pleasant one.


    Random conversations with dudes are the best! ;)

    Congratulations on writing something that your conductor thought was awesome!!!

    1. 2cellos are the best. :D

      Thanks! By "my section" though I actually meant my section of instruments in the orchestra, namely the cellos. So he was praising our performance, not something that I wrote for the orchestra. But life goals, my friend, life goals.

    2. You're like the only other person in the world who knows they exist, I think... It makes me sad because I want to flail over them with everyone.

      OHHHHH. Oops. As you probably gathered, I know absolutely nothing about music...


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