Sunday, February 26, 2017

So Long: An Internet Hiatus

Douglas Adams, anyone?
Starting March 1, I won't be posting or reading y'all's posts until Easter.

"Are you out of your mind?" you say.

Well, sort of.

*cue epic narrator voice*

We Catholics celebrate forty days known as Lent as a preparation for Easter. It's customary to find something to give up and/or do during Lent that will help you grow closer to God. Usually this is something that we prize too highly for our own good, something that keeps us back from loving God and neighbor to the fullest.

In past years I've given up sweets, tv, stuff like that. But this time round I aim to give up something that is (unfortunately) a much bigger part of my daily life: the Internet.

*Imperial March plays*

That's right: 40 days without the Internet (excepting music, email, and school-related work).

You could say I'm not really giving up the Internet so much as I'm giving up the part of me that spends so much time online that I have trouble focusing on anything else. That checks Pinterest at least five times a day. That relies on YouTube videos *cough* Vlogbrothers *cough* to get me pumped up in the mornings.

I'm hoping to use the extra time to talk with friends in person *gasp*, spend time with family (including my new nephew!!! yes, I have a new nephew and he is adorable), finish schoolwork, and read a lot (most of which will probably be Neal Shusterman).

So this is a tearful goodbye, but as Gandalf says, "Not all tears are an evil."

Farewell, awesome people. Seeya on the other side.

*runs away from the computer chair and pretends that wasn't a Hamilton reference*


  1. Wow, what a huge sacrifice! I am thinking about limiting my internet/technology time this Lent also--it just takes up so much time and is super distracting. I hope you have blessed Lent!!! Pax Christi!

    1. Thanks! We'll see how it goes. :) A blessed Lent to you too. Verso l'alto!

  2. :( I will miss your online presence, but it's definitely a nice thing to step away from the internet for awhile.

    And it's too bad you won't be here for the Beauty and the Beast week, but I'll look forward to any participation of yours even if it's a little late. :)

    Enjoy your non-internet time!

    *leaves while Imperial March is still playing to make exit more impressive* xD

    1. Aww, thanks! I'll miss seeing you online too.

      *starts playing the end credits so I can also have an impressive exit* ;)


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