Thursday, January 19, 2017

An Excuse to Post a New Song

Hey, everybody!

As the title says, this is pretty much an excuse for me to tell you about my new song. But lookie here, there are other things we can talk about to water down the blatant self-promotion:

Number One 
^^Hey, look at that trendy, copy-pasted text! *pats myself on the back*

There's one thing that I'm sure we've all been pondering for a while: my poll for everyone's favorite hobbit (<if you're reading currently, see the left sidebar). It ended up tied between Sam and Pippin. 

You all have good taste. 

And yes, I voted for Sam. But Pippin's cool too. I was thinking about going on a rant about how Sam's the best hobbit of the bunch but I thought scandalizing half my viewership wasn't the best idea.  ;)

Number Two

It's really cold right now. Like, so cold that there's ice fog everywhere and when you breathe in your nostril hairs immediately freeze. 

Right now the computer says it's -2 degrees. *dies inside because of how cold it is and because I can't find the degrees sign on the mac keyboard*

Yay Alaska.

Number Three
(I was so close to making a Hamilton reference for this one. So close. But I'm sure you Hamiltonians will get it anyway. Or it will just drive you crazy, muahahaha.)

This weekend I went and saw La La Land with my mom, our current youth minister, and our former youth minister (funny how that worked out). 

It's difficult to describe how I felt about this movie. It was amazing, unlike anything I had seen before (which isn't much, because I haven't seen that many artsy things). The acting, the visuals, and the music were all fantastic. 

It was a musical, but also romantic, but also a comedy, but also a philosophical conundrum.

The problem was that when it ended I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach. Repeatedly. By a cave troll. Without spoiling anything, I'll just say it was a very emotional movie. So you might want to keep that (and the unnecessary PG-13-level content) in mind before you think of seeing it.

Number Four
My friend MJ started her own blog, where she is enjoying being sometimes fanciful, always random, and never politically correct. Enjoy if you dare.  

Number Five
All right, now we come to the song. It's the second one I've ever written, it's highly influenced by conversations with MJ, and it is not autobiographical at all (haha I wish ;P):

There’s something in my eye, not sure who but I know it’s a guy
And you tell me to reach for the sky but I don’t really wanna try
I dream about romance but none of these dudes have a chance 
So I think I’ll just wear pajama pants and binge watch Netflix

Verse 1
My mom says in college guys always get better
My brain says I need a large Irish Setter
My dad says it’s fine and my books push dystopian romance
The man I have in mind’s eloquent as Ed Sheeran, 
Brave as a hobbit and funny as Martin Freeman, 
And looks don’t really matter but I think he looks a lot like Chris Pine

Do do do, dut do do do do do do do


Verse 2
My fortune cookie says soon I’ll see an improvement
But in my love life I don’t see that much movement 
Unless you count seeing Ryan Gosling for the first time
The press says my problem is high expectations, 
But I don’t see an issue with having aspirations
Except they make me wanna curl up in a ball and die

Do do do, dut do do do do do do do DO,

But the Bible says why the long face, 
Don’t underestimate time and grace
And I need to trust that I’m in the right place 
But for now there is…


Who's your favorite hobbit, and why? How cold is it outside your house? And do you sometimes want to give up on the male population and sit binge watching Netflix? (sorry guys if you're reading this. You're excepted. ;)

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Call Me Ed Sheeran

I like the title because it can also be taken as a plea.  ;P

Happy Sunday evening, everyone! 

So, my mom asked what I was doing when I was writing this post and I said I was blogging--in fact, I was blogging about the song I just wrote; nothing like a bit of narcissism to close off a Sunday evening. To which Mom replied, "Isn't that what blogging is?"

Fair point, Mom. Thing is, some of us need a little blogging narcissism. There's something oddly therapeutic about putting words down on "paper" and knowing that strangers are reading them. 

Plus, I would argue that a lot of blogging is about other people and other things, so it's not always like "Hi everybody, here are bits of my soul. Please examine in detail." (Besides, I like to read about bits of people's souls.)

So that being said, I'm going to be talking about myself this whole post. Enjoy.


I've been feeling glum lately, so today I opted to do something productive to cheer myself up in these long, dark winter months. 

I wrote a song. 

*internal and external squealing*

I've been thinking about songwriting for a while, and today I finally pushed myself into taking my ukulele, blank sheet music, and a pencil upstairs to my room. 

The crazy thing about it was that I began with one phrase, and then it morphed into a song that was completely different from where I thought it was going in the first place. The music kind of just popped into my head, and I alternately worked on music and lyrics and ukulele chords until I had something that sounded like a mixture of Ed Sheeran and Passenger, along with a good dose of awkward timing.

All in all I finished the song in one day. I love this medium! It's actually possible to finish something in less than a year! And it combines poetry and music, two of my favorite things. You might want to keep an eye out for other random ecstatic posts in which I chronicle musical exploits.  😎

Anyway, the song is called "Why," and it describes growing up with a friend and then growing further apart and never really knowing the reason for it--a personal experience for me that I'm guessing a lot of other people can relate to as well.

After a few seconds of doubt and self-loathing, I have decided to show you guys the video that my parents took of me playing the song. I haven't watched it yet because watching myself makes me super self-conscious. xD  But right now I'm stoked enough about it that I want to share it with the whole world. Here you go!



Verse 1 

You moved from LA with little regret, when I asked to be friends you said "no sweat"
I thought you misheard me but now that I know you I'm pretty sure you heard me, so

Why aren't we the same? We have the same eyes, have the same nose and clothes 
An' I wanna laugh with you 'bout the same jokes but now I find simpler to cry.

Verse 2
I thought you were weird, you thought that of me, we had lots of fun and then we were free
For college, coffee, car loans, whatever--but all I wanted was to remember, so


We ate too much jello, we messed with my brother, we took swimming lessons and went to the zoo
When I look at us now I can't put my finger on what keeps us apart; it sure isn't you 



Oh wow, you're still here? Here are some Ed Sheeran cat pictures for your loyalty. (They're easy to post because they're already saved to the computer, which is kind of scary in its own right.)

A larger shot of the same picture that I began with...because I can. Muahahaha.
Awww. And I don't even like cats.

Do you think blogging inherently contains a spot of narcissism? What do you think of the cat pictures? And (if you feel critically inclined), what do you think of my song? (Constructive criticism is welcome.)