Monday, December 19, 2016

Shoveling the Deck: A Poem

Snowflakes whirl
Like planes
Shot down.

The crisp air bites against my hands
Like a dog

I scrape snow off wood.

My music envelops my mind
So I don't have to think
And as the pallid sky darkens
And the light begins to shrink
I see a speck.

A flashlight under the scraggly oak,
Careless contraband cast away
By the child whom adults still envy
Because he knows how to play.

Later its light the greater shines,
And it sparkles with gleeful happenstance,
Dispersing the dark in tiny lines.

Planes go down
But they win the fight.

Creatures chew
But they dare not bite.

The darkness grows
But it reveals the light.


  1. That was good! I especially like the last two lines:)

    1. Thank you! I was literally shoveling the porch and looking at those little projected lights that everyone has started using on their houses, and for some reason the idea came to me that I should write a poem about it. I'm glad it worked out. :D

  2. im confused.. and impressed that u might be as draMatic as me!! ;P


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