Monday, December 26, 2016

God Bless Us, Every One!

(I read the title in my brother's voice because he loves making fun of the squeaky delivery that every actor uses for this line. Thanks bro.)

Merry, merry Christmas!

It's so easy to forget that Christmas lasts for twelve days (at least in the Catholic calendar) because it seems that the decorations start going down at 11:59 on Christmas Eve. And the Christmas music
stops playing too, which makes it difficult. So to remind myself, merry Christmas again, everyone!

This post isn't going anywhere in particular, I just felt like I should post after reading through a lot of Chrismassy, NaNoWriMo-y blog posts and realizing that I really want a Christmas post on my blog. A gorgeous, streamlined setup like so many of the blogs I've been reading would be really nice too, but as of yet I barely know how to insert my header, so baby steps.

Christmas morning was lovely. We had gone to the vigil mass the previous night so I got to sleep in until about 9:30, which felt amazing (no, I'm not one of those people who must get up early for the full Yuletide experience), and then my family ate scones and opened stockings and presents and more stockings (because my brother and sister-in-law came over at that point), and we ate a lot of potatoes and Egg's Benedict for brunch, then opened more presents and played a new card game (Iota--it's really confusing but intriguing) and then it was just Mom and Dad and I at home and we crashed.

It was the Christmas-afternoon-crash, which is one of my favorite times of the year. The time when the smells of white-chocolate-craisin scones and eggs and potatoes and hollandaise sauce till permeate the house, and we all play with our new gadgets and then grab the occasional snack from Christmas Eve dinner. It's calming and thrilling and nostalgic and wonderful.

During this time I read through Act 1 of Hamilton: the Revolution--a gift from my parents.

Speaking of which, there was definitely a present-y theme going on this year. Behold:

The libretto of the play, along with the story of how it made it to
Broadway and the White House

A random picture of the bookmark that I'm using with it, which I  made with MJ--
the BBC version of Sherlock's Reichenbach Fall (Idea found on Pinterest, of course.)

Technically I got this for Dad, but gifts go both ways. Hehe.

Yes, that is an Alexander Hamilton bobblehead. Too big for my car's dash, but still amazing.
He's on the piano right now, inspiring me.

Also, I now have a t-shirt that says "Talk less, smile more," and another that says "I had a life until I started listening to Hamilton," which is painfully accurate.

There were many other wonderful gifts which I will not name here, for sake of brevity and finger energy. Suffice to say, thank you to everyone.


Some other things that have been happening

I forced MJ and her sister to watch my favorite Christmas movie: Nativity! 

Yes, the exclamation point is in the title. It's that kind of movie.

In summary, Martin Freeman is the main character and he gets into a lot of trouble when he tries to make a musical production of the Nativity with cute British schoolchildren. It's adorable. The whole movie gives me warm fuzzies in my heart. (Some questionable dance moves and one mild swear word are in there, so beware. Otherwise it's perfect.)

Look and be amazed:

Martin Freeman makes me so happy. 😍

Also, I've been thinking about college studies, and I've tentatively decided on music as a minor and English as a major. We'll see how that idea stands the test of time.

Also, skating!!! I went skating with Mom and my aunt when she was in town, and was amazed at how big the outside is. Seriously, I hadn't done something outside in a long, long time. I need to get out more.  xD


Some Plans for the Near Future

Watching La La Land with Mom. It just came out in select theaters, and it's a musical starring Emma Stone. A musical, guys! With real actors! I don't think I've ever seen a musical come out in theaters that isn't animated. So that's exciting.

Watching the new Doctor Who Christmas special, for obvious reasons.

Figuring out my classes for next semester.

Reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Building my thumb callous (it's a cello thing).

Finishing BBC's Merlin.

Hanging out with friends.

Celebrating for the next week+ of the Christmas season! Yeehaw!

And...yep, that's pretty much it. Merry Christmas!

How was your Christmas? Have you gotten to do any winter-y activities yet?


  1. Ah, a cellist!! I'm a violinist--but I dabble in cello every once in awhile just for fun. I totally understand the callus thing (especially with the really thick C string). Also have fun with the end of Merlin--I used to be completely, utterly obsessed with that show! It's worn off a bit now, but I still look back on it with fond memories.

    1. Ah, a violinist! ;) As for the calluses, I know, right? Thumb position is the hardest for me because rather than using the ball of my thumb, I use the side of it next to the knuckle. That's a very tender area. xD

      Aww, thanks! Merlin is kind of nostalgic for me too because I watched the first few seasons a year or two ago, and I'm just now picking it back up. It's cheesy, but in an awesome way. Judging by the way the show is headed I think I'll be more sobbing than smiling at the end, though. Like when I watched The Return of the King for the first time. It was pretty bad. ;)

      P.S. I just checked your blog and noticed that you did a book review on The Everlasting I must be off! Merry Christmas!

  2. Worst ending GIF ever! Good read though. Love ya. Dad

    1. Thanks Dad! Backatcha.
      P.S. Criticize less, smile more. ;)

  3. haha
    wow i was mentioned twice here. im famous!!


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