Sunday, September 4, 2016

Random Things #2: Explosions, Fears, and Italian Sodas

I couldn't think of one particular thing to do a full blog post on, so buckle your seat belt and prep your hyperdrive for the second installment of Random Things!

Last night, while watching The Guardians of the Galaxy for probably the fifth time (I'm at the point where I can mentally recite most of the lines before the actors say them), I thought, Why can't real life be like this?

I mean, I'm almost 17 now and I've never gotten the chance to:

1. Blow stuff up
2. Travel to an alien planet
3. Use a jet pack
4. Almost die

That last one might not seem that appealing, but think about it. Wouldn't it be awesome to be say, "Hey, I know I've made a lot of mistakes in the past and I haven't done that much with my life so far, but I'm going to try to save the world and I'm probably going to die doing it but that's okay"?

I wish I could do that. Actually I'm not sure whether I would have the guts to do that, but just to have the chance would be awesome.

See, what if life was just one big decision, and we chose good or evil in one fell, epic swoop? Instead, we're more like mini Groots: we've got to bide our time and make a lot of little decisions so that we can slowly grow into either a hero or a villain.

It's frustrating, but that's the way God made it for us so there must be a point to it. Perhaps it's actually better and more heroic to try to choose the good in a lot of little decisions like making PB&J for a friend, rather than in making one decision to attack an alien overlord.

I just wish it could all go faster.

On a completely different note, while exploring the marvelous land of YouTube, I also discovered a few amazing Passenger songs. For those who are unfamiliar with Passenger, he's sort of in the folk genre and he has a very distinctive voice, which when paired with thoughtful lyrics creates just the right combination. (Warning: some of his songs contain strong language, which is unfortunate. I've taken to glancing through the lyrics of his songs first, so I can know which ones I don't want to be listening to.)

This one is really good (and completely clean), though.

The verse about fire and light gives me chills.

Hmm, what else...

Let's share some random facts about me! Oh wait, this blog is basically made up of random facts about me...hehe. Might as well add more:

1. Anything that looks like a person curled up on the ground, whether it be discarded clothes or a shadow, freaks me out. This is because I had a nightmare when I was little about a pile of clothes that turned out to actually be a really creepy lady, and ever since I've never been the same. *dramatic pause*

2. I am somewhat obsessed with Italian sodas. Fizziness, and cream, and sugar, and more cream! I like mixing coconut with other flavors such as raspberry or lime.

3. My favorite tv show is Doctor Who, and my favorite Doctor is 11.

That's all I've got for now, so I'll leave it at that.

You may have noticed I haven't been asking specific questions at the end of blog posts anymore. It's because not very many people usually answer, so I feel like I'm forcing the two people who often respond to say something. Not that I don't love reading comments, I just don't want to make it awkward.

*pause for thought*

You know what, I'm overthinking that. I'll ask questions anyway, but there's no pressure to respond if you don't want to. I can always talk to my imaginary friend...*sniff*...  ;)

What did you think of Guardians of the Galaxy (if you've seen it)? Do you have any unusual fears and/or Italian soda preferences?


  1. I like these posts! :)

    Ooh, I love Italian sodas! My library gives away Italian soda coupons as prizes for the summer reading program, so I've been counting on at least one a year. xD I don't have a favorite flavor yet, but next time I buy one I'll try white chocolate. It *sounds* really good.

    I think you should keep asking questions at the end! I feel like it encourages comments and makes it easier for the commenter to know what to say. (if that makes sense)

    To answer the questions, 1). I haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet, 2). my unusual fears involve elevators, escalators, and passing my driver's license test(although I need to get my permit first, so it'll be awhile till I get a license).

  2. Aww, thanks! Thank *you* for replying! :D I will definitely keep asking questions! Don't feel like you have to answer them all if you don't want to, though. :)

    White chocolate??? I'll have to try that sometime. Ooh, and what about white chocolate coconut? The possibility is too much. 0_0

    Cool, you probably wouldn't want to watch Guardians of the Galaxy anyway. I was shocked at some of the dialogue in it when I first saw it, but after that I was expecting it so now I just try to ignore the crude stuff and focus on the rest. It's kind of on the edge of what my family tolerates in a film, which is unfortunate because the rest of it is really well done.

    Elevators? Same here! *high five* Especially when I'm alone in one, because I keep thinking it's going to stop between floors and I'm going to be stuck in there. Even with people in them, elevators aren't the greatest, because it's awkward to be so close to strangers and I never know if I should say something to them or not...

    Hmm, I can see the escalators thing...and definitely the driver's license test. Good luck! I failed my first test in about 1 minute, because the first thing we did was the parallel parking test and I hit a cone and I was done. xP After that Dad made me practice parallel parking over and over, so the second try was a breeze. So...yeah. Might want to make sure you practice that part. :D

    1. Of course!

      Yeah, it was one of the options at the little "Italian market" I got it from. Hmm, white chocolate coconut sounds really...white. And tasty too, I'm sure. xD Is there a coffee shop or somewhere you like to buy them or do you make them yourself? I suppose if I bought the syrup and everything I could experiment with mixing flavors.

      That's what I'd heard. Maybe someday when I'm older... For now I'll stick with Captain America.

      *shivers* Everything you said. But the very worst would be getting stuck on an elevator between floors WITH strangers. xD

      Escalators are bad because I'm afraid of falling over backwards on one that's ascending. *shivers again*

      Oh, well it's nice to know that if I DID fail my test I wouldn't be the only one. Good to note. Parallel parking sounds hard, even though I've never done it.

      I feel like this should end on a lighter note than scary transportation technology like escalators and driving and elevators, so... happy Sunday! :D

    2. I like to get Italian sodas at a coffee shop in town that's close to where we live. My dad and I usually go in there on Sundays so he can get a coffee, and I seize that moment to acquire myself some deliciousness. :) The baristas are so used to Dad coming in that they don't have to ask him what he's getting. xD

      Ah, the chivalrous Captain America is all you need to know about Marvel. *swoons*

      That cracked me up. :D Yes, it would be pretty awful to be stuck in an elevator with strangers, hehe. Let's hope that never happens.

      Happy Sunday to you, too!


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