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BBC Robin Hood Tag

A click will teleport you to Ruth's wonderful blog.  :)
Hi, everyone! I just discovered Ruth's blog, "Amongst Spring Blossoms," and she has a BBC Robin Hood tag going, which is super exciting because there are very few fans of that show. In fact, I've only actually met one person who is super into it, and that was at youth group and he doesn't go very often. So it's refreshing (and encouraging) to meet other Robin Hood lovers!

Honestly it's a cheesy show, but that's part of the lovableness of it. Everyone I've tried to watch it with has despised it, so let's just say it's not for everyone. xD

All right, I haven't watched the show in about a year, so please forgive me if I'm not as specific as I was in the Tolkien tag:


1. Who is your favourite character?

Guy of Gisborne. I know he's supposed to be the villain, but I tend to go for the lonely and conflicted types, and Richard Armitage portrays Guy's indecision excellently. 

Gotta love that Tangled reference  :D

2. Who did you dislike the most?

Kate. The one true love for Robin is Marian, end of story.

3. Which couple did you like the most?

It's a close tie between Robin and Marian and Guy and Marian. Robin obviously is more noble than Guy, but it seemed that Guy actually paid more attention to Marian and was a good fit for her. Her lighter personality fit well with his dark and brooding persona and dry wit. But obviously it couldn't work out.

Guy and Marian's relationship in one gif

4. Who would you rather have as a couple together with Kate?

No idea. Sorry, I don't remember Kate's character that well, I just remember that she was rather irritating so I wouldn't wish that suffering upon any of the main characters. 

Hey, and I just discovered that Wikipedia agrees with me on this issue! 
Kate was generally disliked by fans of the series, who considered her a poor substitute for Marian and Djaq. Reasons cited include her unlikeable personality, her unconvincing relationship with Robin, her particularly high tendency to get captured or injured, and her inability to live up to the praise and compliments regularly given to her by the other outlaws. 
You tell 'em, Wikipedia! 

5. Which death was the saddest?

Definitely Robin's. He had time to prepare for it, which made it worse; one image that I vividly recall from the show is him running his hands through the grass for the last time. 

6. Who deserved more than he/she had in the series?

Guy of Gisbourne. With enough counseling and a person who genuinely cared about him but also resisted his aggressive tendencies, he could've been a hero.

7. Which of the characters who you didn't see much in the series (only three or less episodes) would you want to see more?

Prince John. I think I remember him being entertainingly pouty...

8. What do you think of Allan's betrayal and Robin's reaction on it?

My heart broke. I kept waiting for Allan to realize that he didn't have to betray Robin and that they could be reconciled, but that never happened. 

As for Robin, I think I remember what he if I remember right, Robin's reaction to Allan was justified but he should've been more merciful. That seems to be one of Robin's main character flaws in this series: he thinks of himself as the main administrator of justice and forgets about forgiveness. 

9. Who do you think is funniest?

Much, in his dreadfully cheesy way.

He has the best expressions!

10. Which character bored you most?

Huh, I can't think of one. Probably one of the side characters that just shows up in one episode. They're usually pretty flat.

11. Who changed to someone less nice in season three, do you think?

Robin. He started becoming more self-righteous and negative, which I guess I should've seen coming, but it still hurt.  :(

*****END SPOILERS*****

Thanks, Ruth! It was fun to reminisce. And to all you fellow BBC Robin Hood fans scattered throughout the world:

Is there a particularly cheesy tv show that you enjoy? Have you seen any other adaptations of Robin Hood? And on the slim chance that you've seen the BBC show, who's your favorite character? 


  1. Merlin!
    and my favorite character is Arthur.

  2. Arrgh, I really just need to set a day aside to watch this show! I've been watching it here and there, but since I borrow it from Blockbuster, it makes it difficult to make a lot of progress. Once I finish Season 1, I can get the next two from the library, where I won't have to pay money, haha. I should finish it a lot faster after that.

    Anyhow, I didn't read most of this post because of spoilers, but I skimmed through it and I like that gif more than I probably should. xD

    I really like Guy of Gisborne too, as an anti-hero. Especially his wooing of Marian, which from what I've seen, is so awkward and funny but more earnest than Robin's. :)

    1. Nice! I look forward to hearing your opinion once you've seen more of the show.

      I know right? That gif is so perfect! It's a little addicting, hehe. And YES, that's a great way to describe Guy!


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