Friday, July 15, 2016

I'm going on an ADVENTURE!!!! :D

Wow, that emoticon looks really weird in the title font. Like it has a half reverse mustache or something.

Anyway, yes, I am going on an adventure! One that has a name: World Youth Day 2016.

For those who are unfamiliar with World Youth Day, it's a gathering of Catholic youth every few years and the pope (right now, Pope Francis) comes to whatever country World Youth Day is in and celebrates the Mass in a field with millions of youth there, and talks to the youth. There's also other catechetical stuff going on, but I think the part with the pope is the awesomest.

This WYD is in Krakow, Poland, and some of my group is going on a pre-trip to Ireland, which means that I leave on July 17 and travel around Ireland for a week, then go to Poland and travel around for a week and SEE POPE FRANCIS. How cool is that???

It's thumbs-up-from-Pope-Francis-cool!

This also means that since I will technically be on pilgrimage, I can't bring technology with me. Which means…I can't blog for two weeks.

I'm kind of disappointed about that right now but I'm sure the disappointment will vanish when the actual trip happens and I'm gallavanting about Ireland and Poland with other youth and going to all kinds of cool pilgrimage sites. And you'll be getting a nice break from my blog posts, so it's a win-win! ;)

Please pray for me. I'll be praying for you. Farewell!

Isn't Matt Smith adorable? I guess I really do need a break from technology.  ;P


  1. You will be missed. Infinity.

  2. Haha, that half mustache is kinda cute, though. ;)

    Anyways, this sounds SO cool!! So are you leaving tomorrow, then?

    It will be so much fun to visit Ireland and Poland in the same trip. That sounds seriously awesome. :) Will you be swinging by any other European countries on the way there?

    Does no technology mean no cameras? Otherwise, you'll have to post some pictures. :)

    I'll miss your posts, but I hope you have lots of fun!!

    (Hehe, I like your caption on that last GIF :D)

    1. Yep, our group is leaving super early in the morning, so I'm going to try to get what sleep I can tonight.

      It is totally awesome!!! I'm so excited, and I'm definitely going to do some posts about it afterwards. Cameras are allowed, so pictures will abound…probably not ones of me, though, because my family is really wary of putting things like that online. But there should be ones of the cool sights…and maybe of Pope Francis himself, if someone in our group is lucky enough to get a picture of him! I guess there'll be some of the event online though, too, so I could always look those up. Hm.

      Anyway, aww, thanks. I'll miss blogging and reading your posts too, but I think it'll be hard not to have lots of fun. :)

      I'm glad you like it. My favorite part of blogging is honestly the GIFs. ;D

      Have a good two weeks, and talk with you later!

    2. Oh, and we'll be driving through Germany to get to Poland, so yes, we are stopping by another European country. :)


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